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Throw Back Thursday - India 2010

Welcome back to Throw Back Thursday, this time I am taking us back to India 2010. 

Me with my rucksack at Heathrow airport. I took my rucksack with me as I took a suitcase with me when I visited in 2009 and it was a pretty scary experience. 

After spending nearly 3 hours waiting to board the plane we eventually got on and took off. 

Food was served and our bellies were no longer rumbling. The food on the Air India flight was really good, I enjoyed it.  

Nearly there after spending 8 hours in the air. We finally arrived in Delhi.

The reason for our trip to India was to attend our friend's wedding. The wedding took place over the course of a week and there were lots of different events to attend. 

One of the events was the henna evening. We were guest of the bride so spend all of our time participating in activities and events the brides family had set up. 

My hands beautifully decorated within a matter of minutes. 

Once the henna dried it was scraped off with a blunt knife and the pretty patterns were revealed. I was gifted these beautiful red bracelets that were made of glass. 

There were plenty of decorations at the engagement party. 

I had some gulab jamun and Kit had a plate full of Indian food, which was very very delicious. 

On one of the days we didn't have to attend an event we went shopping to a large shopping mall. Before we went in there we had to walk through security gates and had our bags scanned. Women went through one door and the men went through another. Once we had been scanned we were reunited and got on with our shopping. 

At the wedding ceremony. 

At the wedding together. 

At another event for the wedding. We went to a South Indian breakfast, where we ate off a banana leaf. All the food was vegetarian and tasted delicious. 

One of our friends that was attending the wedding stayed down the road in a train carriage hotel and it was really cool. 

We waited outside whilst our friend got ready to go for lunch. Where I thought it was the perfect opportunity to take these pictures.

Tuk Tuk time. This is how we got around India. We stayed in south Delhi for the beginning of our trip and then moved to the centre of Delhi for the rest of it.

The view from lunch was spectacular. I wasn't sure if this was a place selling all these beautiful rugs or if it was a house with all their washing out. 

After lunch we walked around a bit and saw someone making a sofa in the middle of the street whilst the rest of Delhi moved around them.

Dinner with our friend Tom. 

We went back to the same restaurant a day later and had more delicious food. 

But I did find a daddy long legs drowning in my drink. 

Our hotel was just off Main Bazaar and we went shopping there for a few days. I wanted to buy one of each necklace as the were about 40p each. There were shops after shops full of necklaces and bracelets from the floor to the ceilings like the one in the picture above. 

After the wedding was over we organised a trip, that involved travelling to Pushkar from Delhi. Then from Pushkar to Ranthambore and back to Delhi. We arrived in Pushkar just as the sun was setting. 

It was a beautiful view.

We went there to see the camel fair, which is held there every year. 

This man was selling some really cool party hats. 

We then hopped back into the car a few days later and travelled to Ranthambore to see the tigers. Us in a service station getting some lunch.  

We got to Ranthambore and it was in the middle of monsoon season. 

We did see a pig wandering around the streets, but that was about as much wildlife as we saw. 

We climbed a large mountain just outside Ranthambore National Park.

Where there were monkeys in the car park of the National Park, but we weren't allowed in because of the wet weather. 

Have you ever been to India? Which part did you travel too?

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  1. It looks like it was so much fun...but the pig really steals the show SO CUTE!

    Hi by the way, just found you through the CBB network while looking for blogs from Montreal (I'm a bit homesick haha!)

    1. It was really good fun :) Montreal is beautiful and I am really enjoying being here. Now that I have a job I barely post on my blog. You have a beautiful blog :)