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Where I have been

Let me fill you in where I have been. I started off the year really well and blogged everyday till March 1st. I do this every year and by March I get distracted and blogging takes a back seat.

I visited my parents in the UK for all of February and most of March and returned back to Montreal at the end of March. When I came back I was able to start looking and applying for jobs as my work permit had finally been approved. 

After a week of applying for jobs I finally got myself an interview and was offered the job the next day. I have been in my new job for the past 3 weeks and I really love it. It's nothing like my previous job but I am really enjoying it. 

The snow in Montreal has finally disappeared and I am going out a lot more now it's not stupid minus temperatures, like minus 35 degrees. I can finally go out in a dress and sandals. There will be plenty of what I did at the weekend posts coming soon. 

How have you been? I hope to get back into blogging again so expect some posts. 

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  1. Its nice that you visited the UK. I don't like -35 either and I know what winter is like in Montreal because I made the mistake of visiting around my birthday (Christmas Eve) and my face froze lol. It gets cold in Toronto too, this winter was bad, it dropped to -40 but I love Montreal and Quebec City so I need to visit again soon.

    I'be been busy blogging, planning parties and dinners now that things have warmed up. I've been trying to attend more events and planning a vacation but I haven't decided on a destination yet.

    1. I was so glad I missed the worst of the winter. It's hard to believe the streets were covered in snow and now it's beautiful sunshine. Can't wait to see your holiday snaps :)


  2. congrats on the new job! I've just submitted my resignation letter and I feel a bit of the weight lifting off my shoulders. I still have to work til the end of the month, but I hope I find something new very soon.


    1. Thank you :) Congratulations on going for what you want. Hope you find something suitable.