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Trip to Atwater Flower Market

On Monday I visited Atwater Flower Market as I wanted to buy some flowers for our balcony.

I visited Atwater flower market last summer and said that if I moved to Montreal I would revisit Atwater Market in the summer and get myself one of the beautiful big hanging baskets. 

The market is full of beautiful flowers. 

Wandering around in the sun got pretty hot, so I took some shade in the flower stalls. 

I didn't choose a hanging basket in the end. I bought a large plant from a supermarket across the road and 6 plants from the market. Kit chose two of them and I chose the other 4. 

It took a while to choose which plants I wanted as all of them were so colourful. 

Rows and rows of beautiful flowers. 

These lily's smelt great, but their pollen was falling off quite a bit.

After a long walk back from Atwater Flower Market. I moved my new plants out onto the balcony. I have them positioned so I can see them from my sofa. My balcony looks much more colourful now. 

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