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Throw Back Thursday - India 2009

It's throw back Thursday time again. This time we are visiting India 2009.

We travelled to Delhi for our friends wedding. We met our friend when studying our masters at LSE. 

The food on the plane was delicious. I recommend flying Air India just for the food. 

This was our first international flight outside of Europe together, it was good fun.  

After an 8 hour flight and a short taxi ride to our hotel, the Taj Palace.

We went up to our room to see the beautiful view of Delhi. 

On our first night we went to our friend's engagement party, which was in a club on the ground floor of another hotel. 

The next evening was another event which was spectacular, with lots of dancing and delicious food and drink. 

The flower arrangements were spectacular. 

Some of the delicious food on offer. 

Lots and lots of food to choose from. 

The next evening we went to our friends house and attending a henna party. 

The man doing my henna completed my designs in rapid speed with lots of detail. 

My finished designs. I had to sit still for about an hour whilst it dried and then the henna was scraped off. 

The next stop on our trip was a visit to Agra for the day where we saw the Taj Mahal. 

Seeing the palace for the first time was incredible. This photo doesn't do it justice of how beautiful the palace was. 

There were plenty of people visiting the place on the day we came. The sun wasn't out and it was quite dull. 

Before we went into the Palace we had to wear these slippers. 

the other side of the palace. 

The river that runs at the back of the palace. 

Seeing all the marble close up was spectacular. 

The view from the palace to the entrance. 

After visiting Agra, we drove back to Delhi and took a flight to Jaipur. On arrival at the airport we were greeted with flower garlands and roses. 

The jasmine smelt beautiful and whenever I smell jasmine tea now it reminds me of being in India at my friend's wedding. 

Having arrived in Jaipur we dropped our bags off at the hotel and went to a meal where there were beautifully decorated elephants. 

camels and horses. 

We went in to a large dining hall and were served the most delicious food. There was a large line of waiters who placed all the individual items on our trays. 

At the hotel our friends had their logo made from rice on display in the reception area 

That evening we went to another event on the side of a mountain where there was even more food to sample. 

The mountain was beautifully decorated with flowers and lights. 

The birds of paradise plants looks beautiful. 

The horse our friend rode on to the event. 

We took a horse and carriage to the wedding, whilst some of our friends danced in the street to the venue. 

whilst in the carriage we took a few pictures and watched the fireworks being set off feet from us along the side of the road. 

Men carried these lights down the street to the venue. The lights were all joined together and powered by a generator that was in a van behind them. 

My beautiful sari. 

When we arrived at the wedding venue we jumped out of the horse and carriage and I climbed up on to the top of the elephant. This was not easy in a sari. 

The elephants were beautifully decorated. 

Our Indian wedding outfits. 

More jasmine flowers and beautiful wedding venue. 

After the wedding we travelled back to Delhi and visited the Lotus Temple. 

We visited Palika Bazar, an underground market that sold shoes, bags, clothes and electronics. You weren't allowed to take pictures inside, but it was a great experience in there. 

We then went to another market and enjoyed looking through the shops and haggling with the shop owners. 

After a fun 10 days in India we took out flight back to London. 

Our first experience in India was really good fun and I am glad we went to see our friend get married. 

Have you ever been to India?

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