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The swings are back!

21 Balançoires/21 Swings at Quartier des Spectacles April 14th to 31st May and 6th August to 18th October.
I found out about these swings last year, but wasn't in Montreal when they were out. I am so pleased to have experienced them. 

Each swing is a different musical note. The more people on the swings the more music is made. I think the faster you swing the faster the note plays. 

This is the 5th year that 21 Balançoires/21 Swings have been out. I am not sure why they are not available all summer. My guess would be it gets really hot in the months between the dates and they don't want people to get burnt on the swings, but don't hold me to that. 

As you can see all different ages were out enjoying the swings. 

On the street opposite is a bus stop, these boys were waiting for their bus and joined in on the swings. 

You can hear the metro from the vent underneath the swings, which added to the fun. I stayed for about an hour swinging and taking pictures. I am glad I went when the swings were in the shade as I imagine swinging in the sun would have been a bit uncomfortable.

What fun things does your city have?

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