In Bath and Body Works

I visited Bath and Body Works again!

I have not been to Bath and Body Works for a while now and decided to go take a look last week. Having not been in there since Christmas.

I wander around the store smelling all the wonderful summer smells and found the bag above full of the items below. The bag is $29.50 if bought on it's own.

The bag was worth $102 and I paid $35 ($40.24 with tax). I bought the bag as it contained the peach sweet tea spray and bubble bath.

Whilst wandering around the store I fell in love with the peach and sweet tea scent and was pretty pleased to see it available in this bag. The bag was originally for mothers day, a week or two before, but they hadn't sold them all. I am really pleased they are full size. 

Peach and Sweet Tea - Fragrance mist 236ml $14 
Peach and Sweet Tea - Shower gel 295ml $12.50
Peach and Sweet Tea - Body Lotion 236ml $12.50

Also in the bag was the beautiful day travel range. I also like this smell too as its sweet and smells of delicious apples.

Beautiful Day - Fragrance Mist 88ml $6
Beautiful Day - Shower Gel 88ml $5
Beautiful Day - Body Lotion 88ml $5 

I was surprised to find a foaming hand wash and a wall flower with plug in the bag as well. I was pleased they were in there as they are two of my favourite things from Bath and Body Works. Their scents are really fragrant, but not over powering. 

Lemon Chiffon - Gentle Foaming Soap 259ml $6.50

Beautiful Day - Wallflower scent $6.50
Wallflower plug - $4.50

What have you bought from Bath and Body Works recently? Do you have a Bath and Body Works wish list? I am really excited for the Semi Annual sale that starts in 3 weeks time on the 8th June. I hope to pop down their after work on the Monday. 

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  1. I ordered 9 things from a recent sale.. can't wait to get it in the mail :D


    1. I would be so impatient waiting for the mail. I hope it arrived and you've been able to use them :)