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Dinette Triple Crown

Last Sunday we went to one of my favourite restaurants in Montreal - Dinette Triple Crown. 

We arrived in the restaurant to find no one eating in there and the staff frantically cooking in the kitchen. I love the decor in DTC - it's very retro and looks cool. 

There are family photos displayed on the walls mixed in along with the pickled vegetables for sale. 

The staff were very friendly and explained their specials for the day with great detail. Choosing what to eat was a difficult task.

The reason why the restaurant was empty and the staff rushed off their feet was due to their customers ordering a picnic. Unfortunately I do not have a picture of this but the restaurant offers a picnic basket option. So you can take your order to the park across the road. Your food is packaged in an old fashioned picnic basket, complete with a white and red rug. Next time we go there I really want to get the picnic as it looked great fun. 

We placed our order and received our lemonades shortly after. These are the best lemonades I've had. I could sit and drink these all day. 

Not sure what drinks were in these beautiful copper mugs, but they certainly looked good. 

After a 5 to 10 minute wait our food arrived. Kit ordered the meat and threes. Three pieces of chicken and 3 sides. His sides were hush puppies, greens and a southern cake with vegetables. The gravy was an extra. It took Kit a while to eat all this food, but he finished it. 

The main reason I went to Dinette Triple Crown was to taste their Mac and Cheese again as it's the best I've ever had. I didn't like any of the meat and sides they had on offer. I chose one of the specials - prawn sandwich. It doesn't sound that fancy, I can't remember it's official menu name, but it was delicious. 

There are 7 seats available in the restaurant - so be prepared to queue for a seat in this place. We got lucky as it was a beautiful sunny day and no one wanted to sit inside. I love the chairs in there. 

This is one of my favourite restaurants in Montreal - if you are ever in the neighbourhood I would recommend going here if you like Southern comfort food. 

Have you ever eaten here? What's your favourite restaurant?

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