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A day out in Montreal

Last Sunday the summer arrived in Montreal. WHOO!

It was 24 degrees. In the morning we helped our friend move from her mums to her new place in the Plateau. After we helped her move we explored the Plateau. Our original plan was to go to Tam Tams but we got distracted. 

When we got to my friend's new place I saw one of her neighbours had a cat. It's a shame cats don't go outside in Montreal. He looked so friendly. 

We decided to step into the shade and plan where we were walking to as the sun was boiling. 

We decided to go for bagels and have lunch out. We began our exploration of the plateau. The streets of Montreal look really pretty in the summer. 

Some of the flowers were in bloom and added a beautiful colour to the city. 

After walking for 30 minutes we arrived at Fairmount bagel, to be welcomed by a taster plate. I could have eaten the whole thing, but it was one sample per customer. I took two - ooops. 

We bought 6 all dressed bagels for our lunches this week. They smelt delicious and I wanted to go into a store and buy some cream cheese to put on them straight away. 

After buying our bagels we wandered around a bit more in the direction of Dinette Triple Crown as it was our chosen place for lunch. Even the back streets of Montreal look pretty. 

We finally arrived at Dinette Triple Crown and sat in the restaurant to have lunch. No one else was in there as they were in the park. 

We ordered some lemonades, that are delicious. 

Kit had meat and threes with gravy. 

I had the prawn sandwich with mac and cheese. It was delicious! 

After finishing our lunch we walked back to the metro and went home. I asked for some pictures on the way home. Here is my outfit of the day - Dorothy Perkins denim dress, Primark sandals, River Island sunglasses and Ardene handbag.

I really enjoyed exploring the plateau last Sunday and hope to make these a regular post - weekend adventures. It will be weekend adventures as I will be in work every weekday. 

What did you get up to last weekend?

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