Throw Back Thursday - Manchester 2002

This is a short Throw Back Thursday post today. The first time I went shopping to Manchester with my friends on our own. 

I was looking through my hard drive and discovered a few pictures I took whilst I went shopping with my friends to Manchester. The friends I went shopping with were from school so I was either 15 or 16 in this picture. We stopped in the train station for lunch first as it took so long to get there on the slowest train from Chester. I think it stopped at every stop. 

It looked a lot like a bus and there wasn't many people on the train. I think there weren't many people on this train because it took so long to get there.

We went shopping and I tried on a few silly hats in Debenhams. I remember going to New Look and my friends trying on coats in there. As you can see I went dressed in a t-shirt and a thin blazer. I did not know how cold Manchester was going to be and I had to buy myself a coat whilst I was there to keep warm. 

This coat was from H & M and had a large yellow sun on the back of it. I don't think I have the coat any more but I remember trying it on in the shop and it was a size 18, but I thought it would be warm so I bought it. I don't think I bought anything else from our shopping trip to Manchester that day, but it was good fun. The lesson I learn from this was always take a warm jumper or coat with you even if it is in the summer as it was pretty cold there. 

I guess being allowed shopping on your own with your friends isn't such a big deal these days as parents can easily contact you on your mobile, which is why it was so exciting. 

What was the first shopping trip you were allowed on with your friends?

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