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Throw Back Thursday - New York 2009

Welcome back to Throw Back Thursday, this time I am taking us back to New York 2009, with my parents. 

During our trip we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. 

My Dad having his photo taken on the Brooklyn Bridge. There was no place to get a good picture without half of New York walking behind you. I guess if you got up early enough then the bridge would be empty. 

The Brooklyn Bridge carries cars, people and bicycles. Thankfully the cars are either side of the pedestrian walk way so no one gets run over.

Bikes to the right, runners in the middle and pedestrians to the left. The Brooklyn Bridge has a system. 

Safely crossed the Brooklyn Bridge and in Manhattan. 

Every tourist has to visit the M & M store. I don't think I bought any M & M's in there though. 

As we were a stones throw away from Times Square we visited there every evening. I even found a massive hand chair to sit in.

We had dinner in a burger place in the right hand corner of Times Square that sold the best pink lemonades I've ever had. 

We stayed The Presidents Hotel with beautiful sunset views of the city. 

And the best bath in the world. It had jets so adding in a small amount of bubble bath made a mountain of it. I was meant to be running the bath for my Dad to soak his ankle in as he'd broken it a year or two before.  As you can see I got distracted. 

We went for breakfast at the Olympic Diner every day where they served the most delicious food, which was always way too much. 

After breakfast we wandered around the streets near Times Square and found a market that went on for blocks.

The market was full of delicious food and beautiful crafts. 

We took a yellow cab to Chinatown.

and saw all the street sellers out with their suitcases.

We climbed the Empire State Building. I say we climbed - we took a lift to something like the 60th floor then changed lifts to get to the 86th floor. On the way down we had to take the stairs as the second lift was out of order. It kept going round and round and round and round. 

We also went on a bus tour of the city, that crossed the Brooklyn Bridge

and drove through Times Square. 

We went on the night tour of the city and saw it sparkle from Brooklyn. 

Took the Staten Island ferry to Staten Island. We went to a shopping mall there, which was on the other side of the island. When it was time to go back to Manhattan we had to run for the bus that took us back to the ferry as it was the last one. 

Travelled on the N train - Sea Beach Express to Coney Island

and found a pretty fun fair and an empty beach. 

Next stop was Central Park.

Where we rented bikes and cycled around for a bit. 

We then found a large lake full of tiny green leaves. 

and took some pictures. 

My Mum and Dad looking at the green leaves and the dragon flies zooming past. 

Last stop was a trip to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Tickets bought and maps collected. 

My Dad on the ferry to the Statue of Liberty.

Getting closer to it. 

Then we took the ferry to Ellis Island and learn about the immigrants to New York.

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  1. Looks like a great trip! Love the photos. I haven't been to New York in a while, I want to go to fashion week, take in a show and stay in the heart of Manhattan when I go back.

    1. yes it was great :) thanks. I want to go again seen as it's so close to Montreal. I hope to visit there this summer.
      Lorilee x

  2. Wow, you guys packed a lot into your trip. That night tour of the city looked gorgeous. I've only been once for a trip in high school, and it was fun but so chaotic. Your trip looks amazing!

    1. Yeah we did pack in a lot. I don't remember sitting down for too long. The night trip was really great.

      Lorilee x