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Winter coat Review

As soon as I landed in Canada I was hit with the cold brisk winds that made me want to run back into the airport and hop back on the plane back to the UK. There were even icicles on the bus, that took me downtown and it was only October!

The coat from Sears Canada.

I had my heart set on a Canada Goose coat as everyone and anyone has one in Canada. It is an expensive coat, at nearly $800, stuffed with down and feathers. I tried one on in Simons, a Canadian department store, and I wasn't all that impressed with it. I was also put of by the fact that the fur around the hood was real fur from a Coyote.

I knew that the coat I had brought with me wasn't going to keep me very warm, so I set about to find my perfect winter coat. I had been told by some Canadian's that my coat wasn't going to take me through the winter.

I knew that I wanted a long coat that went below my knees, had fur around the hood and had zipped pockets. This coat had it all! I looked on lots of different websites and eventually found this one on the Sears website for $199.97. 

I went the next day to try it on and waited till the day after that, which was black friday, to purchase this coat - to my disappointment there was no black friday discount on it. 

Here I am in Sears trying on the coat in the mirror. I picked the light colour and not the black as I wanted to be seen by cars when I cross the road. 

I was really pleased with the amount of fur around the hood and the sleeves have an inside cuff so the wind doesn't blow up your arm leaving icicles up there. 

I also tried the black one on, but I much preferred the beige as I mentioned the reason above. So I left the black one in the store. 

This coat is an Alpinetek, from Sears, with 600 fill power made up of 90% down and 10% feather blend it really is like walking around in a duvet all day. I paid $235, tax is added at the till, for this coat and it is worth every penny. This coat definitely keeps me warm and snuggly. I love that it has a zip that can be fastened from both ends, but sometimes I find it difficult to fasten. I really love that the pockets have zips on them as I can put my purse and house keys in there, as carrying a handbag in the snow isn't easy as the coat is so bulky. I also like the buttons that cover the zip as well. 

I love this coat and wear it everyday.

The parts about the coat that I am not so keen on is that the hood does not stay up when it gets a little breezy. I like to wear my ear muffs under my hood to keep it up and my ears warm. Although this coat is long, air goes up my legs and I get cold. However, my parents bought me some snow pants and I wear these on really cold days to keep warm and they are brilliant. 

There are some reviews on the internet about this coat and most of them complain about the zip. I have had no problems with the zip and I would highly recommend buying this coat over a Canada Goose one.

I am so glad I didn't spend nearly $800 on a Canada Goose coat as I really think this coat is just as good, if not better.

Do you have a winter coat? Which one do you have? 

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  1. Can I ask which size the parka is in the picture--Small, Medium, Small Petite, etc.?