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ASOS sunglasses review

If you are a regular follower of my blog you will know that I accidentally scratched my favourite sunglasses around Christmas time 2013. I love to wear sunglasses all year round especially when I am driving as there is nothing worse than driving with squinty eyes. 

I spent most of January 2014 looking for a replacement pair and was unsuccessful. I bought my sunglasses from H & M in 2012. I went back there and got a funny look from the shop assistant, when I asked for sunglasses in January. I needed a pair for my trip to Canada in February 2014 as the snow was so bright. I found a pair in Primark for £3, they were ok, but a little big. 

I love big sunglasses but these were just too big, all most like wearing those joke sunglasses from the pound shop. The Primark ones had a gold colour on the side of them, which faded after a month or two so I threw them away. 

I watched an Essie Button haul video and she had some sunglasses on there which were similar to my much loved scratched pair from H & M. I went to the & Other Stories website which sold these glasses and they were £45. I was not going to spend that amount on some sunglasses no matter how much I love them. 

I took a browse on the ASOS website in Autumn 2014 for some cat eye glasses, as that's the style I like, and they had a lot to choose from. I went with this pair from River Island, they had been reduced to £7 and I snapped up two pairs as I wasn't running the risk of damaging them and not being able to find a suitable replacement, I have learnt my lesson. I checked ASOS website and they are no longer available. 

I do not pay for the super fast delivery from ASOS but my sunglasses were ordered on the Thursday and were with me on the Tuesday after a busy bank holiday weekend, well done ASOS. I couldn't wait till I got home and removed the labels and tried them on, on the train.

When they arrived they were placed in very thin card board boxes in a plastic envelope. I thought they would have come in a case or something, but they didn't to my disappointment. I have lots of glasses cases but I was worried they would have been damaged in the post. 

Anyway, I have had these glasses for 6 months now and I am really impressed with them. They are smaller in size than my old glasses and they stay on my face, not slipping down my nose like the Primark ones did. I have them in a case so I won't scratch or damage them. 

What do you think of my new shades? 

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  1. I love the second ones, I'm still not over the large sunglasses trend. I have a bit of an obsession with them, I have so many shades in different colors and styles...every time I see a pair I like I can't resist. These look cute on you!

    1. Thank you. When I find a pair I like I buy several pairs as I find it difficult to find pairs I like when I need them