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I've been to MONTREAL!

If you follow me on Instagram you will know that I have just visited Montreal. As I posted quite a few pictures up of the city. 

I have had a great time out there seeing all the sights and experiencing the coldest snow I have ever seen/felt. Although people told me before I went that it is going to be cold but a different kind of cold. I didn't believe them until I got here. It is definitely cold here, colder than the UK, but the cold does not burn your nose like the cold there. It is strange to say but it is warm when you are out in the snow even though it's minus 8. It's ok when you are inside but getting to inside from one place to the other is where it can be unpleasant, if you stay out too long. I did not leave the house without my hat, scarf, gloves, sunglasses, ear warmer and coat. 

I have the sunglasses because the sun is out and it is reflected in the snow so it's pretty bright outside. This is what you end up looking like. 

During my stay I visited a supermarket, the biodome, several malls and a few restaurants. I even went to see a beautiful butterfly exhibit at the Biodome. 

Best supermarket in Montreal, they sell pots of garlic sauce as a dip.

The fruit is so colourful and inviting 

Beautiful streets lined with snow

Our shadows.

The first restaurant I ate at in Montreal. It is definitely worth a visit for the decoration alone. 

The food is fresh and very French, all the staff are bilingual and very friendly. 
I ordered the eggs, asparagus with cheese on toast. It also came with fresh fruit.

Montreal also has an abundance of icicles hanging from buildings, railings and anywhere else they can find a home. When walking along the sidewalk do not walk close to the buildings - even though it's shelter from the wind -  walk on the otherside of the sidewalk as the icicles can drop from the roof and hit you on the head and you don't want to end up in the emergency room on your first day here, so be warned. 

Their post boxes are so colourful and look pretty cool compared to the boring red ones in the UK.

Another place to swing by, after having visited Le Cartet, is Tim Hortons to get yourself some Tim Bits. They are delicious and come in a range of flavours. You can get 10 or 20 in a box, we went with 10. I only went in there to warm up as I was busy taking pictures outside and got a little cold whilst doing so. One pair of socks in Montreal's winter is not enough you need at least two pairs on at all times.  

I really love the reflection of the sunlight in the snow, it is so bright and looks really crisp. The snow glimmers in the sunlight, which makes taking pictures even more fun. Although it is pretty cold out there so make sure you have a place to stop and warm up. 

Throughout Montreal, I think their local council, set up ice rinks on the lakes across the city. I have seen quite a few ice rinks with warnings on them saying natural ice rink be careful of the surface as it is uneven. I have also seen quite a few mothers taking their children for a ride on the ice in their prams. This to me seems crazy, but it's a thing that Canadian's do. 

There are lots of little query shops in Montreal with really cool window displays. I liked this one because of the old fashioned till.

Every car in Montreal is covered in this white/grey haze and has icicles falling from the bumpers, exhaust and undercarriage. It is rather pretty to look at. Although if you are going to take a picture of these lovely icicles make sure it is not near a puddle that other cars can splash you with. 

A must eat is trying Poutine. Poutine is a mixture of cheese, chips and gravy. It tastes delicious 

Montreal also has horses and carriages that take you around the city for a small price.

I took a trip to the Olympic Park to visit the Biodome and the Butterfly exhibition, which was really beautiful. 

The Olympic Stadium where the Biodome lives

Have you been to Montreal? What places would you recommend I visit? I visited during the winter and it was beautiful to see all the snow in it's glitz and glamour, blumin cold though.

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  1. So nice to see photos, I hope you had a fantastic time :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

    1. I love a good photo. I had a wonderful time there thank you. Despite it being freezing cold. Xxx