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Is scheduling good or bad for you and your blog?

I ask myself this question all the time as I have decided that in 2014 I will blog every day without fail. I luckily have not run out of blog post ideas yet and we are into the 1st week of February in full swing. 

January was mostly full of posts on what I received for Christmas and reviews of those products, with a bit of lifestyle - where to eat in London, well when I look at my post, where to eat in Soho. 

How did I manage to blog everyday in January I hear you ask. Well the answer to this question is simple, scheduling. I wrote my posts on a cold, damp Sunday afternoon whilst snuggled up under my duvet watching Sunday television. I did not write all of January's posts on one Sunday afternoon I wrote them over several of them. 

I found it really easy to use the blogger app on my phone to work to dream up post titles and on the Sunday I began writing these posts I had made. I also prepared all my products in one large pile so I could photograph them ready for each post. Once I had photographed and wrote everything I wanted to I scheduled that post. 

Now some of you may frown upon what I am doing as it is not technically blogging everyday, it is simply blogging in one large pile and then scheduling my posts to be drip fed to my readers. I find scheduling really helps me organise my blog and also my time, because if I were to blog everyday and take pictures everyday I would in no way be getting to work on time. I think bloggers should use scheduling to their advantage because why else would Google put it there. 

February, I hope will be a mixture of OOTD posts - although I am really nervous about taking selfie OOTD pictures after what happened last time I tried to do this. I also hope to write about more products I have been buying and trying. I also really want to ramp up the London posts as I really love taking pictures and sharing with you my adventures.

I could cheat and go through my hard drive and find all of the pictures I have taken from summer 2013, but I feel like that is not a direct representation of what is happening in London right now, so I will refrain from doing that. 

Do you schedule your posts or do you write them on the day you want to publish them? 

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  1. How comes you were nervous about taking OOTD pictures? What happened last time? x x

    1. I dropped my DSLR and smashed it. It was quite expensive to repair. xxx

  2. I don't think scheduling posts is cheating, there is still a blog every day! And it is super hard to find time every day to sit down and write, edit pictures and all the things you need to do for one blog post!

    1. If scheduling didn't exist I am not sure what I would do. I love to sit there and write lots and lots of posts. It's so satisfying scheduling them all in one go and seeing the schedule next to them.