Friday, 30 August 2013

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Welcome to the I Love My Post Big One Year Celebration!
Between us and the amazing bloggers, you will find on the rafflecopter we have managed to come up with a top prize of $200 and a runners up prize of $50 as a huge thank you to you all for coming and taking part each and every week. We never thought we would end up being still running a year down the line.
So a HUGE thank you to you all and Good Luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway Now lets get hopping!!

I love my post 

Another trip to the carboot

When ever I am home I make sure I visit the carboot. I love going and rummaging through people's belongings to see what bargains I can find. I never pay the price that people off I like to haggle. It's more fun that way. I went on Sunday morning but had to be back by 10.45am as I was attending my friends wedding at 12pm so I rushed around the field and didn't really look hard at all the items for sale. I spent most of my time taking photos of the items or looking at other people's dogs.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Wedding outfits

After placing a post on my blog a few weeks ago asking everyone's opinion on what outfit I should wear to the wedding I went with numbers 2 and 4. Turns out when I was numbering the photos in the post I could not count. I soon fixed that though. 

I wore this dress for the wedding and the party 

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Day trip to Llandudno

Bank holiday Monday and we went to the beach. I have not been to Llandudno for years so I jumped at the chance to go and visit. It was a beautiful day and I took my DSLR with me and snapped lots of lovely pictures 

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Having my hair cut

I have not had my hair cut in a year or so as I have wanted my hair long. A lot of people say the more you have it cut the faster it grows. I'm not too sure on this theory so I have never actually tested it myself. As I want long hair so I just let it grow and see what happens.

I took myself down to Splash Soho after work on Thursday and had my hair cut, washed and partially dried in 30 minutes. I didn't have many opportunities to take lots of photos because as soon as I walked in and asked for my hair trimmed I was whisked to the hair washing station. The hair dresser told me to sit back and place my head in the groove of the sink so she could wash my hair. She didn't put a towel around my shoulders like I have had with other hair dressers washing my hair. So when she was washing my hair my top got soaked as the water ran down my neck. 

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Friday, 16 August 2013

Benefit make over

A few weeks ago I purchased 2 Benefit items - a facial polish and Porefessional. I kept the facial polish and returned the Porefessional as it wasn't suitable. During this visit I was invited to come back for a make over on any day of my choice. I scheduled it for last Thursday but I wasn't in central London on that day so I scheduled it for yesterday instead. I just turned up and was told to sit in the seat. The girl didn't ask my name or what time my appointment was.

She did ask what products I purchased when I was there last and what I thought of them. After that she asked what kind of make up do I wear. The answer to that is errr... nothing. When I wear it I end up scratching it off and it smudging plus I don't really know how to wear it. She advised, that as I have such pale skin, I wear subtle make up. I was happy with this as I did not want to look like a clown. 

During the make over she had to stop to serve other customers, but this was cool as I got to look at the other products on the Benefit counter. During the make over - 

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Barry M Greenberry

Last week I posted a photo on my Instagram of my new purchase of Barry M nail paints and only today have I had chance to apply the Greenberry and see what it's like. Unfortunately it's a little streaky but the colour is bright and colourful. I have had it on all day and it looks great but it's a shame about the streaking. Is there a way to stop it streaking?

Have you used Barry M Greenberry? What did you think? 

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Tuesdays OOTD

Today the sun has not got his hat on and I put leggings on for the first time in a few weeks. This dress I have on is more of a top than a dress as it's quite short. I bought it from eBay and I think it may have been shrunk in the wash as it seems an extremely short dress, but then again it is Topshop. I wanted to wear something plain and simple having spent a morning trying on a million and one dresses for my friends wedding this weekend. 

Dress - Topshop via eBay 
Leggings - Dorothy Perkins
Shoes - New Look 

What is your OOTD? 

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Which outfit should I wear to my friends wedding?

I have been invited to my friends wedding in Poland this weekend and I am not too sure what I should wear to the special occasion so I have pulled out 6 dresses I think are suitable. What do you think?  I need to have 2 dresses as there are 2 events. I am not really sure about dress 1. Dresses 2,3 and 5 are my favourites at the moment.

Dresses 1/2/3

Dresses 4/5/6

Which dresses should I take to wear at the wedding? 

Mondays OOTD

Yesterday I pulled out my navy dress from ASOS. This was my first purchase from ASOS and I am very impressed. It's lovely material that flows down to my calves. I wore my gold sandals and red cardigan as the air con was on in the room I work in, but I didn't snap the cardigan sorry. 

Earrings - New Look
Dress - ASOS 
Belt - Primark
Shoes - New Look

What is your OOTD?

Haul from Pound World

The other day I took a trip to the shops with Poundland in my sights, but Poundland didn't have any O.P.I or Dainty Doll and had sold out of the lovely plates I saw in there at the beginning of the week. So I trundled off to Pound World and found Argan Oil. I saw that Bex had bought exactly the same thing and she said it was great. I have seen a lot of bloggers blogging about moroccan oil being great for your hair. Anything that makes your hair feel great is a winner in my book. 

I have not tried anything like this before so I was happy to spend the £2 to test it out, plus you get 100ml free. There was also a hair mask from the same brand, but I didn't buy that because I thought the conditioner would do the same thing and I like things instant not having to wait 10 minutes for the hair mask to take effect. 

Monday, 12 August 2013

Shoe Wish List

I have wanted to do a shoe wish list for a long time and I love day dreaming about shoes. I own over 52 pairs. I think I may need to sift out all those shoes that are well worn and buy some new ones like the ones below. 

1. Topshop - Geek Bar shoes £32
2. H & M - Wedges £15 
4. New Look - Red Jellies £9.99