Friday, 31 May 2013

Ethic and Style from Esty

Back in January I planned a birthday gift for my friend who lives in Japan, so I went on a hunt and discovered this cute little shop on Esty that sells handmade phone cases, Kindle cases, ipad cases and Macbook Pro cases. 

I placed my order and filled in my friend's address in Japan. Unfortunately the gift got lost in the post and my friend never received it. However, Svetlana - the shop owner - was aware that it had not reached my friend and she offered me a refund or to send me a free gift (for which I had already paid). I opted for the package to be sent to me so I can send it to my friend with a few other bits.

Anyway, I ordered my friend an iPhone 5 case and now this has arrived I am tempted to buy myself one for my phone or maybe my iPad. I haven't decided yet, but it is well made and the wool is really thick. The cute design adds character and stops your iPhone or gadget getting scratched. 

Isn't it just so cute.


You slide your iPhone in the monsters mouth and it is kept safe

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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Thursdays OOTD

I believe I have had quite a productive day today. I set out to film 3 YouTube videos, take some photographs for my blog and take photographs of my OOTD - which really comes under the umberella of taking photographs for my blog. Hopefully I will edit the videos tomorrow and have them up by the weekend. 

 Anyway, here is my OOTD for today and yes it rained again. What is up with the weather? It needs to sort itself out as I hate the rain. Roll on the summer with sandals, dresses and sunglasses. 

Today has been a Primark day from head to toe 
Cardigan - Primark 
Playsuit - Primark
Necklace - Primark 
Belt - Primark 
Tights - Primark 
Boots - Primark 
Rings - Accessories and craft fair

My favourite Hand Creams, Body Butters, Moisturisers and Face Creams.

I have decided to make a post all about moisturisers seen as they are my favourite beauty product to use as the London water dries my skin out a fair bit. So finding the best moisturiser is key. 
I also get dry hands as well so I will include hand creams in this post as it could be useful to you guys. 

My parents came to visit me in London from Wales, sometime last year and my mum had chapped hands and paid £10 for this citrus hand softner from Neal's Yard.

The top of the pot the hand softner is in. I am not sure why it calls itself a hand softner rather than a hand cream, but nonetheless it is impressive. 

 This is the first Neal's Yard product I have used and I am quite impressed. It is sweet smelling, light and fluffy, fast absorbing and not greasy/oily. 

The next item I have is Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter, my mum read an article - in The Daily Telegraph - I think, about how wonderful this body butter is. She asked me when I was at University in Kingston to pop into the Waitrose, but I could not see it there. I guess more than just my mum had read the review in the Daily Telegraph and there was an influx of individuals going to Waitrose to pick this great bargain up. 

I thought I took a picture inside the tub, but unfortunately I did not. It smells delightful, I would compare the smell to a sweet smelling dessert and it feels great on the skin, with fast absorption.

 Now onto the mother of all hand creams. Burt's Bees. I received this from my Dad for christmas in 2011. It smells delicious. Until christmas 2011 I had never heard of Burt's Bees. That christmas my dad and my boyfriend's mum bought me Burt's Bees products, which was great! 

You apply this hand cream after washing your hands. You only need a small amount as it is quite greasy and it goes a long way. It takes a few minutes to absorb, so be prepared to wait for it to absorb. It smells like bananas in the pot, but when you apply and rub into your hands you can smell the wax as well. 

Amor Amor Cacharel - another favourite of mine, it calls itself sensual body lotion. It smells a lot like the perfume, I bought it with. It is strong smelling of sweet fruit. On the Cacharel website it is described as having smells as mandarin, melati jasmine, sandalwood and musk. I would like to think of this as my signature sent. I purchased my perfume in a set with shower gel and the sensual body lotion in a small bag in the airport duty free section. I cannot remember how much I paid, but I bought it just before we left Manchester Airport for New York. The smell reminds me of New York and I like to smell the sensual body lotion now and again as it reminds me of holidays. I really want to purchase this again so I am doing some research to find the cheapest place to buy it before they don't make it anymore.

Body Butter -

I purchased this one from Primark sometime last year. It is sweet smelling of mango, absorbs quickly into the skin although a little thin when you apply it and it is also a little sticky once applied.

Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden - body soufflé, I received this from my friend as a gift and I can't really tell what the difference is between a soufflé and a body butter is, do you guys out there know? Once you apply it makes your skin feel cool and absorbs quickly. Can you see a theme appearing? I like moisturisers, body butter's, hand creams and face creams to be fast absorbing, as I hate having to wait for creams to absorb.

Body Shop - Japanese Cherry Blossom. This one is much firmer and not as runny as the Primark body butter. It has a faint smell but the smell lingers and cools your skin once applied. Good smoothing body butter for sun burn, which is the reason why I bought this.

Body Cream - Boots Natural Collection - This is a very old product, which I only use every now and again, but when I do I really like using it. The cream is separated into strawberrys and cream and you mix the two together when you apply it. It is a little sticky when you apply, but I think that is down to the age of it. It does have a thicker texture and it has to be rubbed in quite a bit, but it has a strong smell which sticks around for quite a bit.

Victoria Secret - deep softening body butter, is how it is described on the tub. Pure Daydream is the one I chose, I bought 3 of them and 2 sprays as they have a deal for 5 for £25. In America it is 5 for $25. I think the Americans have a better deal than we do. Victoria Secret only has 2 stores in the UK one on Bond Street and the other in Stratford Westfield Shopping Centre. The Stratford branch is the only one that has the 5 for £25 deal, which I only found out to my annoyance when I arrived at the Bond Street branch hoping to use this offer. Anyway, back to the body butter, my mum says this is one of the best body butters she has used as it has a different texture to the ones purchased in the UK. I bought her some with the 5 for $25 when we were in America. It smells fruity and fresh, and looks like half set angel delight. When you get it from the tub it is quite firm and you have to scoop it out to apply, but once you start applying it it absorbs into your skin leaving it fresh and cool. I understand about what my mum means about the texture it certainly isn't like anything I have used before.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

I have found the Company High Street Edit

YES! I have found the Company High Street Edit again. I popped into W H Smith on my way home this evening and went in to pick up another magazine and saw this on the shelf and I abandoned the other magazine I intended to buy and ran to the till with the Company High Street Edit. I don't think the male cashier really  understood. 

Here is what is contained in the magazine, go go buy it. Why wouldn't you want to read about 10 hot watches, earrings, hats and sunglasses. These features are neat and handy to take a snap of for when you are out shopping next. 

The smell of the paper and it's thickness is exciting in itself as it doesn't smell like ordinary magazines and the pages are matt and not gloss, something which I really like. Well worth spending the £4.50 to see the latest trends and how to style them. Sorry to the other magazine I intended to buy but didn't.

 Now it can accompany the other 2 issues I have managed to pick up since discovering it in 2011, through a colleagues recommendation. 

 Look how beautiful it looks, although I didn't notice when I bought it, it has a small tear by the win logo and it travels through the magazine to about half way through. I like new magazines to be crisp, but I guess it adds character to it.

My favourite article of the magazine so far. Only have a 20 minute train journey so I haven't read the whole magazine, but what I have seen/read so far I am excited to read the rest. 

If you can't see this feature writer's boyfriend got to pick her outfits for a few days. I quite liked the idea of this article and might ask my boyfriend to style me for a few days and see what happens.  

I advise you go out and buy this magazine as it only comes out for Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. I have yet to find both editions, but maybe this year I will find the Autumn/Winter edition. I love summer fashion so I am keen to discover what will be on the highstreet this year. One thing I am a little disappointed with is that there is hardly, if any, mention of Primark in this. 

I would love to feature in this magazine as all the people they find on the street, for street style, look so cool. With my OOTD I intend to dress more stylish and with accessories.

30 Day snap

Now as a regular reader of Sprinkle of Glitter, which btw, I cannot get enough of. I love reading her blog. She writes so eloquently and to the point, I wish I had her writing style. I also love watching her main YouTube Channel and her Sprinkle of Chatter Channel.

Anyway, the point of mentioning Louise, that's Sprinkle of Glitter, is that for the month of June she has instigated 30 day snap, which in a nut shell is take 1 photo a day and upload it to your blog, twitter, facebook, instagram or other online area you like to upload to. Here is her original post if you don't understand what I am going on about.

With Louise's permission I have uploaded this image 

I will turn this small image into a button once the 30 day snap commences and I will add another page to my blog or just keep adding a new blog post for each photo. I haven't worked it out yet, but I wanted to get on the band wagon as it seemed like a good opportunity not to miss. Let the fun begin!!!

What's in my handbag - competition

I was flicking through my daily Bloglovin email and saw this post, what's in my handbag, by Marmalade. Where she blogs about what is in her handbag and the reason why she did it, a competition of course! and for the rest of us nosey people to have a look what's in her bag. 

So lets get started folks and have a look what I lug around each day. This may highlight why I have a bad back.

My lovely Fiorelli bag I picked up in a Dorothy Perkins closing down sale for £10 - was originally £80 - This bag is big enough to fit the kitchen sink in. It has an across the body strap but I always carry it on my shoulder. 

My beauty products I use on a daily basis, I apply these on the train to work, as you can see not all of this fits into my little make up bag so the rest just rolls around in the bag. I usually have to rummage to find things I want, but that's the fun of having a big bag right?

Looking at all of this and adding up how much it costs it must come to around £60, which is quite shocking for a few moisturisers, lip balms and spray.

A closer look at what I carry around. I get really dry hands and face so it's a must to carry around moisturiser. Also I like to smell nice and always have painted nails. Red and pink are my favourite nail colours, but sometimes I dabble in greens and blues.

What actually goes into my make up bag - forget the wipes going in there, but the rest fits. Compeed blister plasters - these are always needed in the summer as my feet have been buried in winter boots for months and rebel against sandals. I like a range of lip products as I like to alternate between them. My No7 items are my consealer and powder as sometimes I have a breakout and these are my quick fix at cover up. Mints and Soothers for those little emergencies when you don't feel that great and lastly, hygine hand gel is a must when you live in London. I received my make up bag as a gift from my boyfriend's late aunt. 

My gadgets I cannot live without, my iPad, headphones, iPhone 3, and iPhone 4. I have 2 iPhones as 1 is a camera an the other a phone. I carry a USB with me everywhere as working as an Edit Assistant in Post Production you need one. I also carry a spare shopping bag with me as I usually pop to the supermarket on the way home from work. Sunglasses are a must, but today they will not be leaving the house. My coin purse just incase I forget my lunch and need to pop out to get something. Tissues because you always need one when you don't have any. My red oyster holder, which I have had since I came to London in 2005 and finally, ketchup sachets, I love ketchup and carry these for emergencies. These items alone cost nearly £600

Hope you enjoyed having a nosey at what I carry around in my bag on a daily basis, which is mostly half of Boots and the Apple Store. It is strange to think about how much the cost of the contents of my bag and my handbag are worth, when these are just items I use every day. 

**Sorry about the light in the pictures. It is a very dull day in the UK and I can't go outside as it's raining.  

Full details of the competition on Money Supermarket can be found here. First prize is a Mulberry handbag and 6 runners up get £25 Asos vouchers from Fashion Perks. Closing date is the 1st July, so only a few days left folks. 

Tuesdays OOTD

So my aim is to blog every day for the month of June. I have sat for a while trying to think of a witty title or tag line to call it something cool, but nothing has come to mind and it escapes me. What wanted to say was these little OOTD posts are my test for trying to blog everyday. So far I have failed, but every other day is good enough right? 

I have also just discovered the labels section so I will be adding those to my posts from now on. 

Anyway, lets get on with what you came to see...TUESDAYS OOTD!

Top - French Connection 
Scarf - Dorothy Perkins 
Jeans - Primark 
Boots - Primark 
(I did wear my Zara coat, but it got soaked in the rain. We love British weather)

I am slightly disappointed with this photo, as with all the photos I took yesterday, as it is not really in focus. I am starting to think I need glasses as to me this was in focus on the camera yesterday. This was the best photo from the 50 I took, so please bare with me as I figure out the lighting, location and now the focus. 

On a related note to the clothes, the jeans I am wearing from Primark were a wonderful fit when I bought them only 2 months ago, but now the knees have gone slightly baggy and they are loose fitting. I thought I would buy these super soft skinny jeans for £11 as apposed to the jeggings for £7 as I thought they would hold their shape. I was wrong and won't be buying anymore of these. 

Monday, 27 May 2013

£5 well spent

On Friday I was browsing through my Bloglovin feed, at the blogs I follow, and saw that Michelle from Beauty and the Blog was advertising - £5 advertising space on her blog for other blogs, no matter how big or small. So I have given it a whirl. Here is the advert I saw on her blog and now my blog is being advertised to the right, can you see? 

I thought this was a really cheap crazy deal and thought that I could buy myself lunch at work or take lunch with me and as you can see I went with the, take it with me option (now I better find something to put in my lunch box). I sent her an email and a cheeky Twitter. Then the next day she had responded, sent me a PayPal request and my advert was up by the end of the day. She moves fast.

I haven't really looked into paying for advertising space on other people's blogs, so this is an experiment. I'll let you know in a months time how I have got on. I am also researching into this.

What my £5 has got me - a daily advert on Michelle's blog for 4 weeks from Saturday 25th May. Not sure if this moves up and down the blog throughout the month. But hopefully this will increase traffic to my blog and I will gain more of an audience. Therefore encouraging me to blog more and leave the house every now and again for anything other than work purposes. 

I would like to thank Michelle for this crazy cheap deal.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Saturday's OOTD

My second attempt at this feature - 

I having stayed in all day today and thought I would try my Primark Maxi skirt. I like wearing maxi skirts, but I'm not sure whether it suits my shape. 

Top - carboot sale 
Skirt - Primark 
Shoes - Primark 

I am also not sure where the best place is for lighting for photographs. I may try going outdoors to photograph or use the flash. 

Friday, 24 May 2013

My first attempt at OOTD

I have seen OOTD on some other blogs and I thought I would give this feature a go myself. 

I recently bought these trousers from Primark for £9, when purchasing them I wasn't sure how to style them, but as I loved the pattern I thought I would push the boat out and get them as they are not normally an item I would wear. What do you think, hit or miss? I thought they would be good for holiday as they are a thin material and are stylish. 

Top - Dorothy Perkins 
Trousers - Primark 
Shoes - Primark 

I will add jewellery, but I just wanted to test this out first as it is my first OOTD post. 

Nail Board Arrival

 A few weeks ago I wrote on my Twitter about how my nail board had arrived in the post. This was a very exciting day as I had ordered it back in April and had to wait a good month before it arrived as it came from abroad. The only thing I hate about internet shopping is the long wait before the item arrives.

This is the shop I bought it from on Amazon 

I bought this plate after going to the Ideal Home show and saw something similar, just with different designs and was £60. I thought £60 was a tad expensive and I searched google, whilst still at the Ideal Home show. I thought things were mean to be cheap at the Ideal Home Show, but it turns out they are not. 

It came wrapped in bubble wrap and the plate hat this blue film over it. 

However, once the blue film was removed the plate was a little scratched and I thought the point of the film was prevent this. 

I went with this board as it had the alphabet on it and other lovely designs. 

For those of you who don't know how a nail board works - 
you choose your design
put your chosen nail polish on the design
scrape off the access nail polish 
stamp the plate 
then stamp your nail 

I have used this once since I bought it and have yet to sucessfully stamp the designs on my nails. I think this is because I wasn't doing it on a flat surface or that I wasn't quick enough getting the stamp to my nail in time. It takes a bit of practise, but it is worth it as you end up with some pretty cool designs on your nails.

This plate cost me £15.99 a snip of the price of the original one I saw for £60. 

This would be a perfect birthday or christmas present for anyone who loves nail polishes and nail art. 

I will be making a video on how to do this soon.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Chirk and Marchwiel Carboot sale in Wales

Last weekend I left London and went to see my parents for a few days. They live in Wales. Every sunday there are carboots across the area. I went to 2 of them, Chirk and Marchwiel, with my dad.

When we arrived the field was packed and we had to park at the top of the field. 

At Chirk there is a mix of people selling their unwanted items, traders and household clearances. 

There was a range of items you could buy, vintage bike 

to vintage clothes.

Do you remember these beads and peg boards, you make a pattern on and then you iron it together.

There were plenty of laptops forsale with a photocopier. 

There were also some cool dogs walking around. 

This woman was selling branded purfumes and foundation for no less than £50. One woman who was looking was shocked at the price and wondered what the foundation did for that amount of money. I think she wanted magic.

This is the stall where I found my jug for 50p.
It was the first item I bought and didn't haggle for it. 

This man comes around with his clipboard collecting money from the sellers. 

I have seen quite a few of these cabbage plates at carboot sales recently. I am not sure if I like them, but they certainly have character. 

I also found these at the same stall.  I liked them but they were chipped and had wooden lids. So I left them where they were. 

You could also pick up garden furniture 

Also horse riding equipment 

More garden furniture 

You could also pick up a few Turkish sweets to nibble on when you walked around. 

This man was selling a till, so you can buy all sorts here.

Things for your garden. 

This stall was so big you could walk along and fill one of these baskets with fruit and veg. 

I saw these and thought of Estee from Essie Button as she has a mug collection from her travels, but these were just vintage mugs. 

Jams and preserves to purchase 

Household clearance

Garden furniture 

You could furnish your house at this carboot from the garden to the carpets 

I also saw this slim tape player on a stall and thought I haven't seen a tape player in years. 

AWWWW. I saw this puppy as well as a small dog in a dress that was being pushed around in it's own doggy pushchair. I didn't get a photo of this though.

More vintage items, radios 

I saw these two side tables as I was leaving and I thought they were beautiful, but one of them had a wonky leg so I left them there. 

After visiting Chirk we then went on to Marchwiel. This is a much smaller carboot in a different area. When I was young it used to be the only carboot sale in the area and lots of people came to it, but now Chirk has taken over and not many people go to Marchwiel. 

On the walk around someone had brought their goose with them and had it tied up to their tail gate.

The items that I picked up from the carboot sales - 
Jug - 50p
Bodum unused teapot - 20p

Brand new Primark Bag - 50p 

Barely used weights - £2

I had a wonderful time at the carboot sales, I wish the prices of the carboot sales were replicated in the carboot sales in London. 

**I am aware the pictures are of poor quality, I need to fix my iphone**